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Flexible IT Support

Corolus offer support packages tailored to each customer to suit their needs and their budget. We can work with your existing IT team, on an ad hoc basis, or as your virtual IT department.

Since you're reading this website you presumably have a current requirement for IT services so why not save yourself some reading and give us a ring! We're always happy to discuss the ways in which we can help and there's no pushy sales team, just professional friendly advice.

Our support services fall into several categories as listed below. We don't package any of these as an 'off the shelf' 'one size fits all' solution; the information listed here is just a general overview to show what we can offer. Don't forget, if you don't see what you're looking for then contact us.

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  • Network Administration and Management
  • Networks need ongoing administration and management to meet the challenges inherent in operating them. Whether this be the provisioning of new users, email addresses, setting up secured network shares or managing email and file storage and archiving. We also check and help plan for ongoing upgrades as your business grows such as servers and PCs, new software, increased storage or backup capacity.
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • As part of our preventative maintance scheme we perform regular site visits and/or remote sessions to ensure that all your network equipment is running in tip top condition. Preventative maintenance visits help us to spot hardware and software problems before they happen so we can apply corrective measures or arrange for parts to be replaced before they cause down time.
  • Reactive Problem Resolution / General IT Support
  • Problem resolution is our reactive support service. Whilst maintenance and ongoing administration are designed to keep your network running smoothly, there are issues that arise in between these scheduled visits. Should a piece of hardware fail or a software application develop a fault then we are on hand to diagnose and correct this as quickly as possible. This can be performed over the phone, via remote access or with a site visit. We offer guarenteed response times and can provide support outside of normal business hours including weekends and public holidays.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • What would happen if your company was affected by a major event such as fire, flood, theft or just catastrophic hardware failure? Corolus can help you to plan for and recover from such eventualities so that should the worst happen, there is a minimal effect on your business and operations.

We also offer a range or services to companies who already have their own internal IT team.

  • Special Projects
  • You may have a great team for maintaining your network on a day to day basis, but sometimes your requirements may fall outside the scope of their skills and experience, or perhaps they just don't have the time and resources for a particular project. In this situation we can work with your IT team during the planning, development and implementation of the project to hand over to them upon completion.
    Working in this way you get the advantages of our skills and experience but are able to keep the ongoing maintenance and support in house. Of course, we are always on hand to help in the future should you need it.
  • Holiday and Absence Cover
  • Some larger companies with their own internal IT team or particularly those with just a single IT engineer can struggle when they are off on holiday or sick. We can provide cover either remotely or by providing onsite engineers for the duration of the absence.

For some customers we simply provide a helpline for them to call when they get stuck. At the other end of the scale we provide a complete outsourced IT department with regular maintenance; phone, remote and onsite user support; budget planning and overall IT management.


Fixed Fee Support

Our fixed fee support offers the greatest peace of mind to you and your staff. With this level of support we operate as your IT department for a fraction of the cost of having your own in-house team.

You pay a fixed fee that provides complete support for the term of the agreement. This fee is based on the hardware and software you have and the level of support and maintenance you require. With the exception of replacement parts that are not covered by a manufacturers warranty there are no other charges.


Hourly Rate Support

For companies that don't wish to commit to a regular support or maintenance agreement we provide any of our services on an hourly or day rate basis.


Why do you need IT Support?

Many small businesses are plagued with IT problems ranging from not being able to access printers or files properly, to regular downtime from critical network services failing or being misconfigured.

Often in smaller companies a member of staff becomes the de facto IT engineer because they have the most IT knowledge in the company. This doesn't mean that they have the skills or time to properly fix, maintain and support today's computer networks. Whilst this may appear to be the cheapest solution for cost conscious small businesses it can ultimately work out to be far more expensive. Consider the following:

  • How many hours a month do you or your staff spend working on IT issues? How much does this equate to in wages and other benefits?
  • Besides the cost of their wages, how much work gets missed or not done properly due to rushing it?
  • How frustrating is it for these staff members? Might they look for a new job without the added IT hassles? How much would it cost to replace them?
  • Are they really solving the problems or merely finding ways to work around them?
  • How much does it harm your image with your customers if you keep having to say "I'm sorry but our IT systems are down at the moment."?
  • How much overall downtime, and therefore cost, do you have that could otherwise be avoided or drastically reduced by a proper maintenance and support service?

Above all else, your staff should be doing the job they were hired, trained and paid to do, not battling with IT issues that they don't have the skills or tools to deal with.

Talk to us today to see how we can help make sure your network is working for you and not the other way round!






50% off 3 Month Trial of a
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3 Month Trial Support Package

Corolus offer IT support packages tailored to your needs and budget.

To allow you to get a feel for our services we are offering 50% off a 3 month, no obligation trial of any of our support packages.


We can arrange a free site visit to assess your current setup and offer advice on how you could use and improve your current IT systems more effectively.

If you have any questions please call us on 01332 460370 or email
There is no pushy sales team, just professional friendly advice.


Please note that this offer is only valid for our 3 month support trial packages that commence on or before 30th July 2013.


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